Do not politicise Galle Stadium issue - Arjuna

Do not politicise Galle Stadium issue – Arjuna

Minister Arjuna Ranatunga says certain factions are attempting to politicise concerns surrounding the Galle International Cricket Stadium.

Speaking to media in Weliweriya Minister Ranatunga said concerns surrounding the stadium can be solved following discussions with related parties.

The Minister noted UNESCO is not against cricket matches being worked off in Galle adding the concern was pertaining to an illegal construction at the grounds.

Minister Ranatunga meanwhile stressed issues surrounding the stadium did not surface recently.

He said a method should be introduced to hold negotiations with all parties without taking the issue to a political stage in order safeguard the stadium.

The Minister meanwhile accused certain politicians of attempting to create conspiracies by manipulating the matter to their benefit.

Minister Ranatunga stated that a solution cannot be derived by staging protests and therefore encouraged negotiations.

Meanwhile Minister Arjuna Ranatunga said President Maithripala Sirisena did not advice him to abstain from speaking of matters related to the sports industry.

The Minister furthermore rejected articles published in Newspapers pertaining to the matter.

Journalists also inquired the Minister of claims that the appointment of officials of Sri Lanka Cricket was completed according to the 44th article of the Sports Act.

Responding to the inquiry Minister Ranatunga said Minister of Sports Faiszer Musthapha should clarify how an additional article was added to an act that comprises of 43 articles.