Jennifer Aniston Knew Justin Theroux Wasn’t Happy: They ‘Weren’t Meant To Be’, Claims Source

Jennifer Aniston Knew Justin Theroux Wasn’t Happy: They ‘Weren’t Meant To Be’, Claims Source

An insider shares new details on what Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux didn’t agree on, leading to their separation.

As we attempt to move on following the shocking news of Jennifer Aniston, 49, and Justin Theroux‘s separation, a new insider has come forward to shed light on what exactly went wrong. “Jen knew Justin wasn’t happy and gave him as much space as he needed,” a source tells Us Weekly. “But it became clear they weren’t meant to be married.”

So sad! The insider went on to add that Jen encouraged Justin to “spend as much time as he wanted in the city.” And that’s what he did. Ultimately it was their desire to live on different coasts that set things on a problematic course.

“She’s happy to be at home with her routine, doing her yoga, eating healthy meals and getting a facial or massage,” the source added. “At heart, she’s a California girl. NYC just wasn’t ever going to be home for Jen.” On top of that, she’s never had much interest in the things Justin is passionate about.

“She doesn’t want to get on the back of a motorcycle or go to a tattoo shop.” Head here to take a look back at Jen and Justin’s marriage.

The insider went on to add that, “He found he was just happier living on his own in New York without her.” Even when he would visit LA, “he would spend most of the time in the guest house… He just felt more comfortable there than in the main house with Jen.” Although it’s heartbreaking to get these vivid details, it certainly helps us makes sense of this relationship’s dissolution.

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