Kendall Jenner Skips Paris Fashion Week From Stress: ‘My Anxiety Is Crazy’

Kendall Jenner Skips Paris Fashion Week From Stress: ‘My Anxiety Is Crazy’

Kendall Jenner has been absent from Paris Fashion Week in February 2018, and on ‘KUWTK,’ she admits that she’d been planning to skip out on it because her anxiety has been so bad.

Kendall Jenner, 22, suffers from anxiety during Milan Fashion Week and is in desperate need of a break, while Scott Disick, 34, and Kris Jenner, 61, become best friends on the Feb. 18 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

First, Khloe Kardashian, 33, reveals that her best friend Malika Haqq, 34, has been feeling upset about Khloe spending all of her time with Tristan Thompson, 26, and how whenever they hang out, Tristan is always there. Kourtney Kardashian, 38, attempts to mediate, and tells Malika that she and Khloe should talk.

Meanwhile, Kris is interrupted during a meeting when Kendall calls her frantically. “It’s an emergency,” she tells her mom, revealing that she’s having an anxiety attack. Poor Kendall!

Kendall goes to the doctor to see what’s going on, but admits that everything happening with her is probably psychological — and that the past year has been tough for her. “You get anxious when you’re on the road,” Kris tells her, and urges her to find a solution for next time. “It’s hard to get your brain to slow down,” Kendall says in a confessional, and vows to take the time to address her issue. She tries meditating to help ease her anxiety.

Scott talks Kris into making a “legacy” video. He starts obsessing over how Kris grew up and got to where she is, and wants to make a film about the family matriarch — complete with celebrity testimonials. “It’s a deal,” Kris agrees.

Kendall has a heart-to-heart with Kim Kardashian, 37. She admits that Kris can be stifling sometimes, even though she’s just trying to help. Kendall tells Kim that her agents recommended she at least do Milan Fashion Week, but if she wants to skip one, she doesn’t have to do Paris. As we can see from this real-time Instagram, Kendall is indeed taking some “time off” during Paris Fashion Week this year!

Khloe and Malika talk it out, and it’s more or less the same story that’s been happening over the past few seasons. Malika is annoyed that Khloe always wants to hang out with the guys around instead of just one-on-one, and she feels like she comes second to Tristan these days. Malika cries; Khloe acts understanding; they hug. You know, the usual.

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