Last Legs Means Opportunity Is Knocking

Last Legs Means Opportunity Is Knocking

There has been an interesting development in the ongoing relationship saga between two famous singers!

We’ve talked about them many times before.

After their bad breakup a few years ago, Female Singer moved on to a new relationship with another musician.

Male Singer also moved on to dating another musician… but he was always pining for his ex.

Well, guess what? Female Singer and her new beau are on the outs!

Their relationship looks like it’s on its last legs. They stopped speaking for an entire week. When they talk it’s constant fighting. The crew’s just staying out of their way. Don’t expect any fast announcement. They are both real busy and they both committed to doing crossover promos for the next month or so, so they will be stalling and pretending everything’s OK for now.

Stalling? Neigh! Everything’s not OK!

Hey Male Singer: If you still want that reconciliation… opportunity is knocking! Get in there and show Female Singer just how kind and supportive you can be!

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