Neha Dhupia - Angad Bedi opens up about life after marriage

Neha Dhupia – Angad Bedi opens up about life after marriage

Neha Dhupia – Angad Bedi surprised everyone when they tied the knot on May 10 this year in an intimate ceremony in Delhi.

The suddenness led people to speculate that the actress is preggers and that’s the reason behind her rushing into marriage.

In their first interview with Bombay Times post the wedding, though Angad and Neha don’t discuss the rumours, but they do talk about life after marriage and how it fell in place.

The newly married couple reveals that “the decision to get married was taken overnight”. Neha said that she met Angad’s mother just two days before the wedding and she asked her if she was sure about getting married to him.

It was only Karan Johar, who knew about the wedding as Neha further reveals,

“Less than a week before we got married, I was chilling in Karan’s house and I told him I was ready to get married. He said it was a great idea and went back to checking posts on social media! When I asked him how he could be so casual about it, he said, it’s the right thing to do.”

We have seen that women are often asked how they will strike a balance between work and home after getting married. When the interviewer asked Angad that if the thinks about it too, he said,

“I was a commitment-phobic person. I never thought that I will settle down. Marriage has happened beautifully for me.”

Further he talked about having kids and said that they are an extension of you.

“As far as having kids and striking a work-life balance are concerned, I will be able to respond to the situation when I am in it. When we are in that situation and those sacrifices have to be made either by her or me, we will do it. Work is important, but there is a life beyond that. Kids are an extension of you and it is important to raise them well. If that requires sacrifice, even professionally, then we will do it. When you have a child, the happiness that it will give you cannot be matched by any number of zeroes on a cheque. So, you got to look at life from that perspective,”

he was quoted.

Neha Dhupia - Angad Bedi
Neha Dhupia – Angad Bedi

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