JVP tells the President to respect the Constitution

JVP tells the President to respect the Constitution

The JVP says the present political crisis can only be addressed if the President resorts to future measures in accordance to the country’s law and the Constitution.

JVP Parliamentarian Bimal Ratnayake said the country is presently in a state of destitution due to the present instability.

The MP therefore said the only solution to this crisis is for the President to promptly provide solutions.

He said to put the matter in simple terms the Constitution must be respected and the President must cease his illegal actions in this regard.

He stated the President must listen to the voice of reason and the voice of the Constitutional majority adding the majority has clearly rejected Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government which was proven with a majority vote.

He stressed therefore there is no other course of action to follow than the right one.

The JVP Parliamentarian also commented on the manner in which state employees should conduct themselves under the present circumstances.

He noted as of now there is no Prime Minister, government or ministers remarking therefore apart from daily essential governing activities, who will take responsibility for enacting the decisions of this fake government?

He stressed the duty of state employees is to work in line with the Constitution and according to the law.

He said the JVP views the present crisis as a group of rouges holding onto positions, institutions and vehicles as there is no true government in place.