Construction of the Kalametiya Fishery Harbour

Construction of the Kalametiya Fishery Harbour

As a result of the construction of Kalametiya Fishery Harbour and the Breakwater, the traditional beach seine fishing industry in the area was hampered and it has adversely affected 28 beach seine fishers and 644 of their dependents.

It has been found that a significant loss of annual income has been sustained by the Madel owners.

In this regard, a proposal has been made to provide 36ft multiday boats at a cost of Rs. 7.8 million, to the 28 Madel owners, separately instead of monitary compensation.

Accordingly, considering the above factors, the proposal made by Mangala Samaraweera, the Minister of Finance and Mass Media, to provide 36 ft. multiday boats to each 28 Madel owners, separately and a 50% of the total cost to be borne by the Government, was approved by the Cabinet.

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