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SriLankan Airlines

SriLankan Airlines to cut salaries for 3 months from 2.5% to 25%

SriLankan Airlines launches cost savings to protect national carrier’s presence and employees’ jobs

SriLankan Airlines Chairman and Board of Directors are always concerned about their duty to protect the livelihoods of SriLankan’s family members, taking into account the economic needs of the country and making every effort to ensure the business integrity of the national carrier.

The airline industry is in serious crisis due to the COVID-19 epidemic, with some airlines globally halting their aircraft operations partially or completely, suspending all non-essential business and giving staff unpaid leave or slashing pay. Their position as business firms is to reduce costs Arrangements have been made to carry.

This is an unprecedented development in the aviation industry and has an unprecedented impact on the financial viability of many airlines and the economies of countries in general.

For this reason, SriLankan Management has already made every effort to improve liquidity by negotiating with the airline’s major suppliers to delay payments and reduce deductions, as well as continually look for new business opportunities, minimize other costs.

According to the measures, SriLankan employees will be given a compulsory salary reduction of 2.5% to 25% for a period of three months and temporarily halted all increments due to be implemented by 2020.

SriLankan Airlines has temporarily suspended all flights from April 8 to April 21, 2020, except for cargo exchanges that have a direct impact on the cost of savings for 2020.

However, the management of SriLankan Airlines makes every effort to protect the jobs of all the staff of SriLankan Airlines with the confidence that their team will collectively overcome these challenges. It will further strengthen the airline’s efforts to ensure business integrity.

SriLankan Airlines expresses deep gratitude for the commitment of its staff to assist the airline in ensuring the continuity of the national carrier and protecting the future livelihood of its members. The Chairman, the Board of Directors and the Management of SriLankan Airlines have expressed their sincere appreciation to the staff and all the trade unions for their support during these difficult times.

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