"Turmeric and Pepper growers should be protected" - President

“Turmeric and Pepper growers should be protected” – President

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa emphasizes that growers should be protected at a fixed price for turmeric and pepper.

The President said that the environment needed to be created in order to earn maximum prices through greater exports in search of international markets.

These facts were revealed during a discussion chaired by the President this afternoon on the future plans of the State Ministry of Industries and Export Promotion related to the development of small plantation crops including sugarcane, maize, cashew, pepper, cinnamon, cloves and betel.

The importation of these crops has been stopped to protect the Turmeric and Pepper growers.

Discussions were also held on formulating formal plans for exports as value added products of the crop.

The discussion focused on maize production and pointed out the need to cultivate one million tens of thousands of hectares of maize to meet the local maize demand.

The government hopes to achieve that goal by the end of next year.

It was revealed at the meeting that steps have been taken to cultivate turmeric and ginger in 100 villages and plans are afoot to establish an export zone in the Cinnamon Gardens area.

During the meeting, it was revealed that betel exports had declined due to the restriction of air travel due to the Corona epidemic and the President had instructed the officials to discuss with the airlines and find a solution.

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