DMC cautions public of rising water levels

DMC cautions public of rising water levels

The Disaster Management Centre has cautioned the public residing on either side of the Gin River, Kalu Ganga and Attanagalu Oya to remain vigilant of possible rising water levels due to heavy showers across the island.

Deputy Director of the DMC Pradeep Kodippili said several areas have been inundated due to the prevailing inclement weather.

Accordingly he said Kalutara, Galle, and several areas in the Western Province had been inundated.

Kodippili noted red notices were issued in the Kalutara and Badulla districts regarding landslides, while adding the public residing in the relevant areas have been evacuated.

Pradeep Kodippili said several incidents of earth collapsing in Kalutara were reported adding however no casualties were reported.

The Deputy Director noted the public in several areas have been burdened due to the inundation of several by-roads.

Pradeep Kodippili informed the public to remain vigilant and prepared to evacuate if necessary due to the prevailing weather conditions.

He further noted the hotline 117 is open for the public to report any reports of inclement weather.

Meanwhile the Department of Meteorology predicts the prevailing showery condition will enhance over the island today and tomorrow with showers occurring in most parts of the island.

The Department says heavy falls of about 150mm can be expected in the Central, Uva, Sabaragamuwa, North-western and Western provinces.

The Met. Department also predicted heavy falls of about 100mm in the North-Central and Southern provinces and in the Mannar and Vauniya districts.