We asked birthday boy Dulquer Salmaan to decode his ‘heartthrob status’ and his reply cannot be missed

We asked birthday boy Dulquer Salmaan to decode his ‘heartthrob status’ and his reply cannot be missed

Birthday boy Dulquer Salmaan has won over fans with his acting chops, down to earth attitude and oodles of charm.

Talking EXCLUSIVELY to Bollywood Life, he said, “Karwaan seemed like a lot of fun. In the film, we drove down from Kerala to Ooty and back. In my career, I have been guilty of choosing many travel films because I like to travel. As an actor, you do not get to travel or holiday much. Such films combine work with my passion for travelling.”

The team of the film is quite young and everyone had a ball. The film also stars Irrfan and Girl In The City actress Mithila Palkar. The news of Irrfan getting diagnosed with cancer came months after the team wrapped up the shoot. “He was full of life during the shoot. We had a young vibrant team and he bounced off his enthusiasm on all of us. We did not realise he was unwell during the whole shoot. It is more shocking for us as we have spent so much time with him. It hits you harder. Our prayers are always with him. He has liked the film,” says the young heartthrob.

The actor is making his debut opposite the seasoned performer. While many would be nervous at the thought, Dulquer says Irrfan was the reason he took up the project. “He was the main reason. Moreover, the idea of the film was a truly original one. Working in films with original films is something I have been pursuing since the start of my career. I have refused remakes and films with unoriginal scripts.

Moreover, a film that has Irrfan is watched by a huge number of people. I feel it was a great project to showcase myself,” he opines. Dulquer is known as one of the handsomest men down South but his craze amongst women is prevalent in the North as well. So, according to him what makes him such a stud? “I really don’t know. In school, I was never the most good-looking guy. Girls would check out my friend. No one looked at me in that way. But yes, it is very sweet,” he says with a smile.

The talented actor has done films in Tamil and Telugu besides Malayalam. So, how was it like working in a Hindi film? “I have been fortunate with my schooling. He had good Hindi teachers who insisted that we speak in Hindi in their class. It was a boy versus girl kind of competition. Anyone who spoke in English or regional language would lose a point. At the end of the year, the winning team got treats from the losing one.

It seemed fun but it was a good exercise if I see it in retrospect. I do not have an issue with the accent but with the tenses as everything in Hindi has a gender,” he said. At this point, filmmaker Akarsh Khurana said, “He is genuinely good with languages. We had a reading session and were pleasantly surprised to see that he got almost 95 per cent right. Moreover, he would always do his homework. After a while, my assistants realised that coaching him was not a big job and only meant spending some more time with a handsome man.”