Here’s What We Know About Cory George

Here’s What We Know About Cory George

If you’re one of the thousands of fans following F45 Training on Facebook you would have seen the fitness franchise announced a new face of F45 TV.

Save the Insta-stalking, because coming to a screen near you is 26-year-old California native and personal trainer, Cory George.

The 6’3” business major, fitness model and eight-pack owner, was announced this week after an extensive search of over 100 fitness models internationally.

It’s another step toward global domination for the powerhouse brand, which recently celebrated 1000 studios in four years. That’s a lot of people, doing a lot of burpees.

F45 Training believes the former American Football and Junior Olympics Volleyball player, will deliver a new change of pace to the F45 Athletics Department.

“Cory discovered early on the benefits of staying active with a focus on how he works out and how he eats, Cory is more determined than ever to inspire the F45 Training community, and be the example for our Team Training, Life Changing philosophy,” the team told myBody+Soul.

We think Cory will continue to deliver the eye candy, now Dan Conn, who left the business to join The Collective Wellness Group, is officially phased out.

While you’ll see Corey in studios on F45 TV this week, he’ll soon be joined by a select group of fitness models to deliver movement demonstrations, though the franchise, who also signed fitness star Paige Hathaway in October, isn’t releasing any names just yet. (bodyandsoul)

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