Missing child finds mother 16 years after tsunami

Missing child finds mother 16 years after tsunami

Dated this 26th day of December, 2004. The people of the coastal areas of Ampara were engaged in their daily activities as usual. In the morning something unexpected happened.

That’s a tsunami. The family of Abusali Sitti Hamaliya, who lived in Samanthurai, was also affected. But she was not at home. She was working at a hospital in Ampara at the time.

She had a 5-year-old son at the time. He is Razin Mohamed Akram Riskan.

Hamalia’s head caught fire as she remembered her child. But the tsunami made it difficult to reach Samanthurai.

She returned to her home three days later, but her family was not there. But she received news that her son was in a hospital in Ampara.

She went there and heard that someone else had taken the child.

“Then I looked for my son everywhere. There was nowhere to go.”

Twelve years after the tsunami, she received information about her missing child. It showed that her child was attending a school in Ampara.

Accordingly, she had gone to the school and inquired about her son. She said that the principal of the school did not give her any information.

“But I did not give up my attempt. Then I was able to find the house where my son was.”

She said her son, who was growing up with a Sinhala family at the time, could not speak Tamil and could not communicate with her because she did not understand Sinhala.

Hamalia, who later went to her home, has once again called 21-year-old Mohamed Akram. There she inquired about “birthmarks and marks” on her son’s body.

“Then the son found out that I was his mother. A few days later my son found me and came to Samanthurai,” she said with tears in her eyes.

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