Parents asked to monitor social media usage

Parents asked to monitor social media usage

Parents have been instructed to monitor children making racist statements on social media following tense situations reported in Ampara and Teldeniya.

Senior spokesperson of the President’s Media Division said children could unknowingly make racist or provocative statements regarding the current situation in the country on social media.

Accordingly, the PMD instructed all parents to monitor the manner in which children use social media as stern legal action will be taken against individuals who make offensive statements on social media.

A special unit was also established to investigate individuals spreading fake news and statements on social media based on the unrest reported in Ampara and Teldeniya.

The special unit was established as a joint effort by the Ministry of Defence, the tri-forces, Sri Lanka Police, Intelligence units and the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.

The special unit is closely monitoring Facebook and other social media sites.

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