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Promoting a dining culture sans plastic

Promoting a dining culture sans plastic

It is a well-known fact that nature is adversely impacted due to pollution caused by irresponsible acts of human beings.

With the rapid industrialization, today the world is experiencing environmental pollution at an alarming rate. The fast growing consumerism has given rise to production in excess. With ever increasing products, there is no doubt that there are products made of polythene and plastic. This has rendered many unhealthy conditions for human beings and has challenged their existence as their impact is always negative. Owing to this, marine pollution has brought many risks to inculpable sea creatures. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the use of polythene and ‘single use of plastic. Don’t you think that it’s inspiring to see a restaurant which has completely cut down the ‘single use of plastic’? If so now you can enjoy a healthy meal at ‘Ranbath’ Organic restaurant, located in the heart of Colombo 5.

Pearl Protective Organizers, an environmental conservation organization protecting marine environment and promoting sustainable vendor best practices in Sri Lanka, launched in agreement with Ranbath organic food. Ranbath Oraganic Food Director Randima Balasooriya signed the memorandum of understanding, the Pearl Protector Approved’ Accredited Standardization Certificate against ‘Single use Plastic’ with Pearl Protectors on November 13, 2019 at Ranbath.The coordinator of the Pearl Protectors Muditha Katuwawala said that the Pearl Protectors are focused on food vendors and restaurants in reducing the use of ‘single use plastic’ and improving the sustainability of the environment. He also highlighted the necessity of protecting the marine environment.

According to the Pearl Protectors the certification has three levels based on the restaurant/food vendors commitment, which are Euphotic Level (level1), Disphotic Level (level 2), and Aphotic Level (level 3). The mentioned levels are based on depth layers of the ocean.

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