Tips For Soft And Sexy Feet

Tips For Soft And Sexy Feet

Dry, cracked feet are not sexy as it can drastically spoil your overall look. Especially if you like to wear strappy sandals, rough looking feet can be embarrassing. Even though most of us deal with this problem on a daily basis, for some it can just be a seasonal hazard.

But regardless whether you face this problem all throughout the year or just once in a while, you just can’t ignore it. So, if you love wearing open-toed-shoes but your crusty feet, toes and nails prevent you from doing so, you need to read this.

Go for a shower

When you go for a shower, give importance to your feet as well. Make a shower ritual of cleaning your feet thoroughly. Scrub them well with the soap or body wash you are using. This is the basic thing, which all of us can do and it will take hardly any time.

Make sure you wash your feet every night before going to bed to get rid of the smell and dirt. Dirty feet are as bad as cracked feet and can make you feet look very unattractive.

Indulge in some milk therapy

Buy an extra 250ml of milk and soak your feet into it, at least once a month. The milk should be warm whole milk.

Doing this will benefit yours feet as the lactic acid will remove all the rough spots and make your skin extremely soft.

If dropping your feet into a bowl of milk is a little difficult then apply some milk on your feet with a cotton ball once a week.

Soak your feet

Feet shower is just not sufficient to get soft feet. Besides, the shower ritual, soak your feet in warm water at least for 5-10 minutes. This method will help you to get soften your crackled and dry feet making it easier to get rid of dead cells. Avoid soaking your feet for too long.

Get rid of the dead cells with pumice stone

Take a pumice stone and gently scrub your heels, toes and soles at least twice a week. This method will help to remove dead cells as the Pumice stone will make your feet softer and silkier. Spend two minutes on each foot focusing on the areas where the skin is rough and dry. Avoid scrubbing too harshly to prevent skin tear and irritation.

Shape your toenails

Take your nail clippers and get rid of extra toenails. Shape your toenails when you are just done with your feet shower therapy. If you have any rough edges, file them. Long toe nails can be a host to dirt and bacteria which can cause infections.

Let your shoes breathe

Air out your shoes for at least a day before you wear them again especially sneakers and boots.

If your sneakers stink, toss them out or get them cleaned. Wearing smelly shoes can also amage to your feet. Hence, before you wear your shoes next time, do a smell check to keep your feet healthy.

Moisturize your feet

Slather your feet with some moisturizer and put on clean cotton socks. It’s best to do this before you sleep cause then the moisturizing effect will be greater. You can also use vegetable oil instead of cream.

Wear proper shoes

Wear proper fitting shoes. A good fitted pair of shoes can drastically reduce the chances of getting cracked heels. Comfortable footwear can feature heels but they should be wearable. The footwear has to sit comfortably on the foot without causing pain during walking.

Rest is essential

Cracked feet can be caused by long hours of standing or walking. It is important to give your feet rest to prevent cracked heels and soreness.

Give a nice foot massage

Foot massage will improve the blood circulation of your feet and will also relieve strain. The exfoliation and oil used during the treatment will ensure that your skin will feel softer and refreshed.

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