Public demand Galaha Hospital to be opened

Public demand Galaha Hospital to be opened

A protest is currently underway opposite the Galaha Divisional Hospital urging authorities to reopen the hospital to the general public which is currently temporarily closed.

Correspondent said the protest is being staged by several persons in and around the hospital.

The protestors urge authorities to hasten the reopening of the hospital in order to treat patients in dire need.

The Galaha Divisional Hospital was temporarily closed on the 28th of August. Several persons have been arrested over the recent unrest at the hospital.

A heated situation was reported at the Galaha Hospital in Peradeniya, following the death of a three-year old toddler at the hospital on the 28th of August.

A group of area residents launched the demonstration over the purported lack of treatment by the hospital management.

The demonstrators also damaged hospital properties and had reportedly hurled stones and used clubs to attack the management.

A doctor said the renovation of the hospital premises that was damaged by angry mobs will commence after damages are estimated while the hospital was subsequently closed.