“How can the UNP show a majority?”: MP D.V. Chanaka

“How can the UNP show a majority?”: MP D.V. Chanaka

UPFA MP D.V. Chanaka has requested the UNP to announce the Prime Ministerial candidate before producing the 113 majority.

“Is it Ranil Wickremesinghe? Or Sajith Premadasa or Patali? Or is it Navin?” he questioned. He also stated that UNP backbenchers and former Cabinet ministers “do not like Ranil Wickremesinghe”.

“We saw how Harin Fernando described Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday,” he said, adding that the backbench MPs will not support Ranil Wickremesinghe. He also pointed out that the TNA and JVP have said they will not support the UNP to establish a government. J

“So how can the UNP show a majority? The only solution to the problem is to hold a parliamentary election,” he said.

D.V. Chanaka also commented on the alleged assassination conspiracy against the President, saying there is a clear connection as accusations were levelled against the UNP minister who was in charge of the Police.

“So we ask the President to find out who is behind the assassination conspiracy. Who are the Police officers behind this? And who are the politicians and the mastermind behind the assassination plot? We request the President to punish those involved in this within the legal framework.” he said.