Illegal Gov dictatorship results in the suffering of the public – Sajith

Illegal Gov dictatorship results in the suffering of the public – Sajith

Deputy Leader of the United National Party Sajith Premadasa convened a media briefing at the Parliamentary complex today (November 23). He stated that the government established overnight was illegal and that it was full of drama. He added that they presented excuses and left chambers as they did not have enough MPs to vote for them.

In reply to whether they can demonstrate 113 votes to make Ranil Wickramasinghe the PM again, Sajith stated that the ‘so-called government’ appointed a new PM overnight and a cabinet along with him. He stated that if they are engaging in a dictatorship there will be no democracy in the country. Further, he stated that the UNF have to show the majority in Parliament and that they have done this several times before.

When questioned MP Sajith Premadasa noted that they are in favour of an election, but not an unconstitutional election in an environment where a crisis is created.

Newsfirst journalist posed a question to Sajith Premadasa asking whether walking out while taking a vote is democratic. He replies to this stating that the simple fact is they did not have the numbers to prove their majority and that this is an illegal unconstitutional Government that is in place right now.

He then stated that this is the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and not the Autocratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. He then added that what we see now are the repurcussions, the consequences, of a prevalent dictatorship. One full tranche has been completely stopped by the IMF pending the return to democracy in our country. Various development assisstant programs, for example, the support Sri Lanka was supposed to receive from the Millenium Challenge Account and from Japan for the new rail link, have been stalled. Further, he notes that the GSP program is under threat.

MP Sajith Premadasa in a regretting tone states that in the end, the rulers will benefit.

“But how about the people of Sri Lanka? The common and man and woman? The so called silent majority of our country? They will suffer.”