Four arrested over gang violence in Jaffna

Four arrested over gang violence in Jaffna

Four individuals attached to a crime gang that is being operated in Jaffna have been arrested yesterday (09), according to Manipay police.

The suspects have been arrested over attacking four houses and setting fire to a vehicle used for selling ice-cream in Attagiri area in Navali, Jaffna.

The suspects, aged 18 and 19 years, are reportedly residents of Manipay area.

They have been produced before the Mallakam Magistrate’s Court and were ordered to be remanded until September 17, said the police.

According to the security forces in Jaffna, several crime gangs operated in Jaffna, including Ava, Dhanu-rock and Victor gangs, have been engaging in many illegal activities in the area such as attacking houses.

Manipay Police is conducting further investigations regarding the incident.