JVP rally in Nugegoda at 3pm today

JVP rally in Nugegoda at 3pm today

A massive protest rally will be held in Nugegoda today, demanding the President to reconvene Parliament immediately and to restore democracy in the country.

JVP Member of Parliament Nalinda Jayatissa said the protest rally will commence at 3pm today.

MP Nalinda Jayatissa said Sri Lanka is on the brink of being condemned by the international community as an undemocratic country, due the actions of the President during the last few days.

MP Jayatissa noted Parliamentarians are being auctioned for Rs.500, Rs.600 and Rs.700 million rupees.

He charged that the crossovers have become common practice within the two parties and stated that they thrive with these transactions.

The JVP MP said they were appointed to Parliament by the votes of the public and therefore requested the public to decide on such Parliamentarians at future elections.

MP Nalinda Jayatissa added at present, MPs are being auctioned for 500 to 700 million rupees in the open market.

The Parliamentarian said without any consideration for the present political, social and economic issues, Mahinda Rajapaksa and Maithripala Sirisena are fulfilling their personnel agenda.

He charged that Parliament is suspended in an undemocratic manner claiming Sri Lanka has displayed to the world that the country is not concerned about democratic values.