Won’t defect the JVP - Lalkantha

Won’t defect the JVP – Lalkantha

JVP Politburo member KD Lalkantha says the party does not have a culture of defecting to other parties to attain petty political agendas.

Speaking during an event in Colombo KD Lal Kantha said he will not defect the JVP, regardless of rumours that he is planning to do so.

He noted that he is also a public representative adding that if he joins the United National Party or the faction led by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, it’s the same as betraying the public who kept him in such a position.

He added that although he is not a Member of Parliament it’s the same.

Lalkantha said rumours of him defecting the JVP have been made since about 15 years ago adding however that no JVP member will do that as they don’t have narrow political objectives.

He noted that if he wanted to leave the party he had time for it adding however now the country accepts the JVP, and other parties and groups gather around the JVP.

KD Lalkantha said although the party doesn’t receive votes yet people claim the JVP should come into power and accordingly the party will receive votes.

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