Maiden Kumbal Perahera of 2018 in Kandy today

Maiden Kumbal Perahera of 2018 in Kandy today

The maiden Kumbal Perahera of the 2018 historic Kandy Esala festival will parade the streets of the hill capital this evening.

The 2018 historic Esala Perahera in Kandy commenced on Sunday following the traditional “Kap” planting ceremony.

The Perahera, consisting of traditional dances and magnificently decorated elephants, is the biggest Buddhist festival in Sri Lanka.

The Kumbal Perahara would parade the streets of Kandy until the 20th of August.

Meanwhile the Randoli Perahera of the 2018 Esela Festival will begin on the 21st of August and the last Randoli Perahera will parade streets on the 25th of this month.

The Esala festival will conclude after the traditional water cutting rituals to be held on the morning of the 26th of August.

The historic Esala Festival, a tradition from the eras of Kings, attracts thousands of devotees, pilgrims and foreign visitors to the hill capital of Kandy and is a major tourist attraction.