Lawyers for Democracy condemn MS’s moves

Lawyers for Democracy condemn MS’s moves

Lawyers for Democracy organisation says all unconstitutional moves by President Maithripala Sirisena must be defeated in order to safeguard democratic institutions in the country.

Speaking during an event in Kandy, convener of the organisation attorney Lal Wijenayake said in order to preserve the sovereignty of the people, the country’s Constitution should be treasured.

Wijenayake noted the legislature, the Executive, and the Judiciary must work in tandem to perverse the supremacy of the people adding all three factors are part of the supremacy.

He stressed the Public’s supremacy cannot be neglected through arbitrary Executive or Legislative decisions claiming no faction will be able to govern a country without the legislature and the Executive.

Lal Wijenayake while stating that the country is in a critical juncture reiterated that without democratic governance by the legislature and the Executive, the supremacy of the people will not be protected.

He stressed the Constitution is of no value and should be thrown away as factions do not abide by the Constitution.