BASL raises questions on the new Constitution

BASL raises questions on the new Constitution

The Sri Lanka BAR Association has tabled a set of questions to the government pertaining to the proposed new Constitution.

The questions were submitted following discussions of the Bar Council of Bar Association yesterday.

Accordingly, questions such what is the need for a new constitution?, Will Sri Lanka continue to be a Unitary State?, What powers will be devolved on the Provinces?, Can the Central Government or the Parliament get back such powers if necessary?, Will the Executive Presidency be abolished? were tabled to the Government.

The Bar Association issuing a statement requested the government to respond precisely and with clarity to the questions.

Meanwhile the Association requested the government to provide an explanation on questions such as, what would be the Court structure?, Will there be a Constitutional Court?, If so, how are the Judges to that Court be appointed? How are Judges of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal appointed and how will the Judges of the Superior Court be removed?. (newsradio)

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