Best contribution when at the centre - Aryasinha

Best contribution when at the centre – Aryasinha

Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to UN in Geneva, Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasinha says Sri Lanka makes its best contributions to the international community when it leads from the centre, rather than positioning itself in a manner “either to be taken for granted, or to remain isolated.

The Ambassador who relinquishes his tour of duty as Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva this week, made this observation in his farewell address to the Conference on Disarmament.

Recalling that for long years Sri Lanka had been an active player in the field of disarmament, Ambassador Aryasinha expressed satisfaction that Sri Lanka was once again able to make a meaningful contribution through CD/2119, during its recent Presidency.

He said the decision “was a balance between flexibility and safeguards, and it offered a framework for a more focused and continued debate on all core issues on the CD agenda.

Aryasinha said “I believe this has the potential of being an irreversible first step in getting the CD back to work, and in asserting its credibility as the single multilateral forum for negotiating disarmament treaties”.

Ambassador Aryasinha added countries would be better served “if we use the rule of consensus, as a tool for compromise, rather than as a veto”.

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