Fare meters mandatory for Tuks from today

Fare meters mandatory for Tuks from today

The law to ensure all three-wheelers install fare meters that issue receipts comes into effect from today.

The National Council for Road Safety said the law comes into force to ensure the three-wheeler transport service reaches acceptable standards.

Chairman Dr. Sisira Kodagoda said the measure is being sought as a result of the complaints lodged by commuters.

Kodagoda said the regulation will be in effect from today and will be enforced by the Police under the relevant regulations.

However the All Island Three-Wheeler Owners Association has condemned this law. Chairman Sudil Jayaruk said prioritizing standard rates for all three-wheeler operators is of utmost importance over fare meters that issue receipts.

Jayaruk said this regulation alone is inadequate claiming black market businesses will begin fixing new meters.

Therefore he noted all three-wheeler drivers are unanimously against the move and will not support its implementation.

Furthermore Jayaruk said this organisation does not have the influence or the authority to enforce such a regulation.

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