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Ranjith Madduma Bandara

Special security plan in effect today

A special security plan is in place in and around the Special High Court premises and Police Financial Crimes Investigation Division building, owing to today’s protest march by the Joint Opposition.

Speaking to Media, Minister of Law and Order Ranjith Madduma Bandara said, the Ministry has received information that a mob is allegedly intending on attacking and destroying documents stored at the two premises.

Minister Madduma Bandara however noted the government has no intention to sabotage the demonstration.

The Law and Order Minister stressed that the government during the past three years did not impose any restrictions on Joint Opposition rallies and said the administration is unmoved by today’s demonstration.

The Minister stated submissions in Court to prevent any party from staging protests have not been made.

He noted the government has ensured that all parties can stage protests and rallies however adding authorities have a responsibility to protect public places.

He said everyone will be allowed to protest without inconveniencing the public and damaging public property, however police will also carry out their duties.

The Minister of Law & Order said special security has been provided to selected places and files and documents stored at the FCID and the Special court premises will be provided with additional security.

He remarked information has been obtained of possible attacks and attempts to destroy such files and documents.

The Minister said the public are aware that several persons involved with the Joint Opposition are accused of wrongdoing and investigations and cases are being heard at such establishments.

He stressed maintaining law and order in the country will be a priority.

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