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Dr. Seigu Sihabdeen Mohamed Shafi, Kurunegala Doctor

Kurunegala Hospital receives 200 complaints against Dr. Shafi

Complaints received by the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital over conceiving complications which emerged following caesarean surgeries performed by Dr. Mohamed Shafi have accumulated to 200.

Accordingly, nearly 80 mothers had come forward with complaints against Dr Shafi over the course of yesterday (29).

Most of these complaints state that the complications appeared following the C-sections performed by Dr. Shafi for their first delivery.

On May 26th, the Police urged the public to come forward with any complaints of Dr. Seigu Siyabdeen Mohamed Shafi having carried out illegal sterilization.

Meanwhile, as of last morning (29), 11 complaints have been received by the Dambulla Base Hospital concerning complications in conceiving after being treated by Dr. Shafi during caesarean surgeries.

Dambulla Police stated that all the complaints that are filed against Dr. Shafi are being directed to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

A group of attorneys-at-law have offered to provide legal aid free of charge for the mothers who were subject to injustice owing to the incident.

Meanwhile, a protest was conducted by the “Organization to Protect Kurunegala Hospital” was held yesterday calling for undue political influence not to pressurized the investigators. The protest was held in front of the hospital premises.

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