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Power Cuts

Ministry rejects media claims, no scheduled power cuts yet

The Ministry of Power and Energy has rejected social media claims and says the final decision on power cuts will be reached only today.

Secretary to the Ministry Suren Batagoda said the decision will be reached following a discussion with subject Minister Ravi Karunanayake and several senior officials of the Ministry and the Ceylon Electricity Board.

Meanwhile the Secretary said a circular issued in 2002 with the proposed power cut timetable, is being circulated on several social media platforms at present.

He said,

“We have decided not to implement a scheduled power cut and manage our electricity demand.

However we will hold discussions today with the subject minister and other relevant authorities pertaining to managing the power demands during weekdays.

We have not approved any scheduled power cuts. Although we have received a request from the CEB, we have not granted the final approval.

Meanwhile, a circular issued in 2002 is being circulated on social media platforms. We have not approved a power cut timetable thus far.”

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