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Monkeys menace threatens rural Kuruenagala

Residents of Weerambugedara in Kurunegala are facing difficulties in their day to day activities due to an invasive troop of monkeys.

The villagers noted that the troop of monkeys (around 500) encroach the villages and destroy their crops.

Residents of Weerambugedara, Ruwagiri Kanda, Kandewatta, Kaduthunna, Bolana, Aadigedara are suffering from this monkey menace.

According to a resident, they do not have the luxury to keep anything edible even within their households. He added that the monkeys are organized enough to remove the tiles of the roof and steal food.

Another resident added that to avoid monkeys they have built nets surrounding their houses and they would boil and dry their paddy within the houses in order to avoid monkeys.

Ven. Vevanathenne Seevali Himi chief Incumbent of Ruwangiri Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya noted that they have already notified both wildlife authority and environmental authority but to no avail. He also added that it was possible to capture the monkeys yet they are at a conflict of “where to leave them?”

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