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Three Wheeler

No reduction to 3 wheel fares – Unions

The All Island Three-Wheeler Drivers Association says three-wheeler charges cannot be reduced until a liter of petrol is reduced to Rs.130.

Chairman of the Association Sudil Jayaruk said despite the reduction of a litre of petrol by Rs.5 last evening, three-wheeler fares cannot be reduced.

He noted fuel prices were not amended significantly adding however if a liter of petrol reduces to Rs. 130, then efforts will be taken to reduce the first kilometer to Rs. 50 and the second kilometer down to Rs. 38.

Jayaruk said at present fares remain at 60 and 40 respectively, remarking if fares do reduce further they will be able to provide a concession.

Meanwhile the Self-Employed Professionals’ National Three-Wheeler Federation says three-wheeler fares will not be reduced.

Chairman Sunil Jayawardene said fuel prices will be reduced by 10 rupees for the first kilometre if fuel prices drop further.

Jatawardene said three wheeler fares have been reduced by 5 rupees for the second kilometre however despite the price of fuel reducing by 5 rupees at present they are unable to amend fares and provide a concession.

However he stressed if fuel prices reduce again in the near future then fares will be reduced by 10 rupees for the first kilometer.

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