Petrol From ‘Neveska Lady’ Reaches Sheds Island Wide

Petrol From ‘Neveska Lady’ Reaches Sheds Island Wide

The petrol crisis which plagued the country for almost a week appears to be finally at an end after petrol pumped from the fuel tanker ‘Neveska Lady’ started reaching filling stations around the country last night (9).

Petroleum Ministry officials said they started pumping fuel out of the tanker at about 12.30pm yesterday after tests on samples from the consignment came back indicating they met with the country’s specifications. Distribution commenced from around 4.00pm.

Accordingly, officials said petrol had reached many filling stations in Colombo and outstations by this morning and expect the situation to completely return to normal during the course of today.

Meanwhile, long queues which were the norm at filling stations in Colombo during the course of the week were largely absent today, indicating that the situation was indeed returning to normal.

Meanwhile, another ship carrying petrol from India is due to dock in Colombo later tonight or early tomorrow. (sundaytimes)

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