Sudeera Nirmal’s murderer arrested

Sudeera Nirmal’s murderer arrested

The suspect over the killing of the 9 year old boy at Iranawila in Chilaw was arrested at Nayaru fishing village in Mullaitivu today (04) according to Police Media Unit.

The suspect was identified as Jude Fonseka.

Sudeera Nirmal, 9, a resident of Samidugama in Iranawila, was reported missing on Sunday (25).

His body was later recovered from a jungle at Iranawila area in Chilaw, on February 27.

The boy has been abducted and murdered, investigations revealed.

The CCTV camera of a shop in Iranawila had recorded footage of the boy being accompanied by a certain unidentified individual on the day of his disappearance.

Following a search carried out by the villagers, the naked body of the boy was found this morning (27) inside a jungle in Iranawila.

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