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Tissa Bandara Herath

PC member among 2 injured in clash after 2nd ODI in Dambulla

UNP Central Provincial Councilor Tissa Bandara Herath and a private security officer of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) were admitted to Dambulla Hospital yesterday (01) after sustaining injuries during a tense situation involving the police and the spectators at the Dambulla International Cricket Stadium.

Two youths in Dambulla area have been arrested in connection with the assault, said Dambulla police.

As the spectators were leaving the stadium after a match, one individual had escaped after assaulting the security officer with a glass bottle.

The police had captured and attacked a person, the alleged assaulter, despite his denial of the misdeed.

Reportedly, the UNP Central Provincial Councilor Tissa Bandara Herath had arrived at the scene and asked the police to stop the attack after revealing his identity.

According to the Provincial Councilor, several officers of the Police Riot Squad had then started to attack him with batons and belts.

However, another individual was arrested in connection with the incident and handed over to the Dambulla police.

Dambulla police stated that an immediate investigation regarding the incident has been launched.

Furthermore, a bus that had been parked near Dambulla Stadium was completely gutted in a fire.

According to the driver of the bus, the cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

Dambulla police is conducting an investigation with regard to this incident as well.

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