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Ruwan Gunasekara

Wellampitiya Police error to be investigated

The Special Investigation Unit of Police has decided to launch an investigation into the matter where the court granted bail to workers of the copper factory in Wellampitiya, believed to have been used to manufacture the explosives which were used in the April 21st attacks.

Police Media Spokesperson SP Ruwan Gunasekara noted that several reports were published, claiming, that bail has been granted to those suspects as a result of an error committed by the Wellampitiya Police.

He noted that therefore, the Special Investigation Unit has commenced a probe to determine whether such an error or negligence happened on the part of the Wellampitiya Police.

Gunasekara went onto note that if it is revealed through this probe that any official attached to the Wellampitiya Police had committed such an error, they will take stern action against the said official.

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