‘Students may not receive uniforms for 2019’

‘Students may not receive uniforms for 2019’

The Ceylon’s Teacher Services Union says providing school uniforms for 2019 has become a serious concern due to the present political crisis within the country.

General Secretary of the Union Mahinda Jayasinghe said students may not receive school uniforms next year as a result of a decision by the group identified as the new government to change the process to provide school uniform material.

He noted in 2016 the Education Minister under the good governance government provided vouchers instead of uniform material adding therefore preparations were underway to provide vouchers for the year 2019.

However Jayasinghe said a crisis has arisen regarding the matter as the recently appointed government decided to provide material instead of vouchers for school uniforms.

He added if material is to be provided sufficient time is required and the Ministry lacks time to make necessary preparations claiming vouchers have already been prepared for 2019.

Mahinda Jayasinghe said the President, as the individual responsible for the present political crisis, must take measures to ensure all students receive school uniforms for next year.

Mahinda Jayasinghe further noted an issue has arisen regarding the distribution of text books for 2019 as well.

He said the recently appointed government decided to suspend the distribution of text books, as a message and an image of former Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam was included in text books.

Mahinda Jayasinghe stressed such actions affect students and therefore noted the President must intervene and take action regarding the matter.