President says many economies are affected

President says many economies are affected

President Maithripala Sirisena has requested anti-government forces seeking political benefits, who call for the country to be put first, to fulfil what they claim the present could not achieve.

Speaking at a function in Mahara the President said the economic crisis is not only faced by Sri Lanka but many other countries adding an economic plan is currently in place to address the present situation.

President Sirisena said everyone today speaks of the dollar, the rupee and the economy adding this is a result of a battle among world’s leaders, and that in turn affects small countries like Sri Lanka.

The President noted the challenge at present is, how the government is going to make it back to where the ocuntry was.

The Head of State also claimed that a majority in high positions in the state sector are now addicted to the ways of politicians and engage in corruption.

The President also commented on several ways the budget deficit can be addressed.

President Sirisena noted the 2019 budget will be tabled next month claiming in order to bridge the Budget deficit, economists and experts have been consulted in putting together economic policies.