PM promises a March revolution

PM promises a March revolution

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says major development projects will be initiated focusing Colombo.

Speaking during an event held in Kalutara yesterday Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said projects will be initiated with the view of providing maximum benefit to the public.

The Premier said,

“We have initiated plans to reduce the traffic congestion in Colombo. We have commenced housing projects while a light rail system from Fort to Malabe and a road from Kelaniya to Rajagiriya have also been proposed. These are some of the projects initiated to modernize Colombo.

This is the real change. The south terminal of the Colombo harbour will be developed while we are also focused on building a Northern terminal in Ja-Ela. We have taken up the challenge to develop this mega city.”

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe also said the government was able to initiate a number of development projects despite the challenges faced in resettling loans.

The Prime Minister added,

“we have commenced development projects island-wide. These projects are underway while the country is in debt amounting to billions. However we have not allowed the economy to crash.

We are taking the country forward while improving the economy. We have to repay loans amounting 5,600 million US dollars this year. This is the reason why we are compelled to impose tax on the public.

We have to repay loans and we cannot lead the country into bankruptcy. We’ve been asked what we have done to the country. From March, we will unveil massive developments projects and it will be the start of better things.”

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