Mission to solve political crisis will continue - UNP

Mission to solve political crisis will continue – UNP

The United National Party says the party will not abort the mission to solve the present political crisis according to democratic values of Parliament.

Making a special statement at the Temple Trees Chairman of the Party Kabir Hashim said the issue should be solved according to the Constitutional law.

He noted laws that have been compiled within the Parliament democratic framework and the country’s Constitution, should be adhered to in order to solve the issue.

Meanwhile the United National Party held a media briefing at the Temple Trees last evening to express views pertaining to the prevailing political situation in the country.

Speaking during the media briefing MP Ajith P. Perera said the new Ministries have been awarded according to an illegal mechanism. steps are being taken against Parliament being convened, they are engaged in unfair attempts.

The Parliamentarian stressed those attached to the SLPP are not being sworn in as Ministers adding the public should understand that there is a hidden truth behind the offering of Ministries to members from other parties.

MP Perera said regardless of such measures Parliament arrives at decisions based on the majority vote.

Joining the media briefing MP Karunarathna Paranawithana said all issues could be solved by allowing Parliament to reconvene.

The Parliamentarian meanwhile requested Mahinda Rajapaksa to be elected through a vote claimed and not try to be labelled as the illegal Prime Minister.

MP Paranawithana stressed the only issue is whether Mahinda Rajapaksa has a Parliament majority adding once it is solved the country will return to normalcy.

Also joining the media briefing MP Ranjan Ramanayake said Parliament should immediately reconvene.

The Parliamentarian claimed if the Mahinda Rajapaksa faction has the majority in Parliament it should be questioned as to why they are unwilling to reconvene Parliament.