Anura to pay fixed price for a kilo of paddy

Anura to pay fixed price for a kilo of paddy

A program to provide a guaranteed fixed price for a kilo of paddy to the farmer community will be launched, said National People’s Powerpresidential candidate Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

He was speaking at a public rally in Ampara.

The rally was held in Ampara town under the patronage of Anura Kumara Dissanayake, the presidential candidate of the NNational People’s Power.

He said,

“All the lands we have given to companies have been taken over and given back to the farmers.

Only 11 percent of the country’s agricultural land is in the country. What will happen to us if we lose all this?

So where are the farms, where are the forests, where are the apartments? We are working on a land use plan that has thought of all this. It is passed by law in Parliament. It won’t let anybody break it.

What would happen if the land was filled with Sajith Premadasa’s complex?

The entire land has been destroyed. When they want to, they can cut down huge jungles and build houses. So you have to stop building houses all over the place.

All government housing projects will be converted into apartments. You have to get used to it.

There is a big discussion about fertilizer. But I guarantee that quality fertilizer will be given at the right time. Now the fertilizer that is imported is substandard. If giving a bundle of fertilizer with money is useless.

Our farmers have become kidney patients. Cancer has spread. why? Poison has filled the earth. Therefore, we are gradually reducing the fertilizer and introducing organic chemical fertilizer mixture to the farming community.

The price per kilo of paddy that the farmer community receives will be made a fixed price. Every year, the cost of production is calculated and the minimum price that a kilogram of paddy can take is announced. No one’s weighing less than that. In two or three seasons, the lives of our farmers will be enhanced. Our economic policy is a developmental economic policy.

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