People suffer for want of a bridge across Badulu Oya

People suffer for want of a bridge across Badulu Oya

The villagers complain that they can’t cross Badulu Oya for want of a bridge when there is a need to go to the public cemetery and the range of paddy fields which are situated beyond Badulu Oya.

The villagers who suffer due to lack of such facilities live in Thaldena 11th km post.

Kukurumahantenna, Kohana, Wewatenna, Maligatenna and the neighbouring villages of Maligatenna belong to Meegahakivula Divisional Secretariat.

They are compelled to go across Badulu Oya wading through the water, submerged up to waist level.

Recently the people who live in this village had to go across this stream concerned to Maligatenna cemetery to attend the burial of a deceased person.

The people in this area say that they have requested from the authorities to build a bridge across Badulu Oya. The request was made several years ago, but the work didn’t continue beyond laying of the foundation stone.
Several villagers expressed their views in this regard.

R.M.Karunapala is a resident of Wewatenna at the 11th Km post in Kukurumahantenna. He said that there are several villages facing difficulties in the Meegahakivula Divisional Secretariat.

The biggest shortcoming that affects the people in these villages is the lack of a bridge. He said that a bridge would help them to travel and return crossing the Kukurumahantenna ferry. He added that the villagers had requested for a bridge to be constructed across this Oya. These requests were made from every successive government which came to power. These pleas have been made for many years. All they want is a bridge. According to him their requests have fallen on the deaf ears of the authorities concerned. This is despite the fact that a foundation stone was laid recently in connection with the bridge.

S.M.Jayasundera said, “If somebody dies, the dead body has to be taken for burial to the Maligatenna public cemetery which is located beyond Badulu Oya. There is no alternate route to reach that cemetery. The land owners do not give their land for roads. Therefore, if somebody dies, it is inevitable that the people cross the Oya wading through water while carrying the body. In the event of the water level rising the people are compelled to keep the dead body at home until water recedes,” he said.

He also pointed out that, at a funeral ceremony held recently, it was only the men who could take part because the women could not go beyond the stream due to the rising water levels.

D.M. Gam-ethi said that there was a range of paddy fields as well as the cemetery. The fields are cultivated by the people who live on the other side of the villages. They are subjected to untold sufferings when compelled to go across the stream on the days when the water increases. “In the same manner, the villagers have to go across this ferry to reach the other villages, temples and schools as well. There were occasions when some people were dragged away by floods while they were going across the stream. Taking our grievances into consideration, we request the government to construct a bridge across this stream as soon as possible,” he pleaded. (Nishantha Kumara)

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