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Hirunika Premachandra

Put an end to trade union actions – Hirunika

United National Party Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra says the present administration must put an end to trade union actions that inconveniences the general public.

MP Premachandra requested the Minister of Health to take stern action against the Government Medical Officers’ Association.

The Parliamentarian meanwhile praised Minister Rajitha Senarathne of putting an end to the medicinal drug mafia, the sugar content issue in soft drinks distributed in the country and the tobacco mafia and requested the Health Minister to topple another mafia launched by the GMOA and the IUSF.

MP Premachandra stressed such groups prevent intelligent and educated medical students from becoming doctors by preventing them from receiving the SLMC registration.

The Parliamentarian claimed if the mafia is put to an end the students will be highly grateful.

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