JVP to join forces to address national issues

JVP to join forces to address national issues

The JVP says the party will join forces with all factions in a bid to seek solutions to national issues faced by the public.

Expressing his views Parliamentarian Bimal Ratnayake claimed the abolishment of the Executive Presidency and other national issues should be addressed with the support of all political parties.

At present, the MP Ratnayake said the country is faced with multiple issues adding the government must resolve all existing problems.

He noted the JVP is in unison that all issues must be resolved including the need to abolish the Executive Presidency claiming they will not oppose any move by the government to address these concerns.

MP Ratnayake added if the resolves all matters at one given time it will be agreeable while stating these issues are not inter-depended.

Therefore he said concerns can be resolved separately too adding the JVP, as a party will extend political support to resolve grave issues faced by the public.

The JVP MP also said they hope to hold discussions with political parties to pass the 20th Constitutional Amendment.

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