Govt. Can Sell Fuel At Rs.90 - Mahinda Yapa

Govt. Can Sell Fuel At Rs.90 – Mahinda Yapa

United People’s Freedom Alliance Parliamentarian Mahinda Yapa Abeywardene says the benefit of reduced fuel prices in the world market should result in Sri Lanka reaping the benefits as well.

Speaking during the debate of the second reading of the 2018 Budget the Parliamentarian said the government has failed to ensure the people enjoy reduced fuel prices.

MP Abeywardene said due to the decrease in fuel prices within the past three years internationally more than 5 billion US dollars was saved.

However the Parliamentarian charged that the government could have used the funds to pay off the country’s debt.

MP Abeywardene noted 24% of the export income was derived through fuel claiming it has reduced to 12%.

The MP said the current government has the possibility of issuing a litre of fuel to Rs.90, but has failed to do so. (newsradio)

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