MR Left Country During Civil Conflict For Security - MS

MR Left Country During Civil Conflict For Security – MS

President Maithripala Sirisena says the former President and Prime Minister were away from the country for security reasons, during the last two weeks of the civil conflict in the country.

Speaking at a United People’s Freedom Alliance rally held in Bakamuna yesterday, the Head of State said fears remained over an imminent attack on Colombo at the time.

President Sirisena noted he was surrounded by the LTTE in Polonnaruwa.

The President stated according to a tip off received by the Police they were able to arrest the LTTE members adding four of them consumed cyanide and committed suicide and the other member died after he was brought to Colombo.

The Head of State said the President and the Prime Minister were not in the country during the last two weeks of the war as there were fears that members of the LTTE would arrive from India and attack Colombo by bombing it adding he was the Minister of Defence during the time.

President Sirisena said the country’s poverty and failures in the education and health sectors are the greatest hindrance that stands against the development of the country.

The Head of State also said the government doesn’t have the funds to construct roads or to provide drinking water adding it was the ultimate results of corrupted politics within the island.

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