President provides 12,000 land deeds to Mahaweli settlers

President provides 12,000 land deeds to Mahaweli settlers

Presentation of 12,000 land deeds for Mahaweli settlers of Mahaweli “B” and “C” Rambakan oya zones was held under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena at 1.00 at Aralaganwila Maguldamana Maha Vidyalaya today (01).

The land titles were presented to the farmers in terms of the President’s vision to launch a national program to present one million land deeds Island wide. Under this initiative, one hundred thousand land deeds were handed over to Mahaweli settlers.

The program was conducted under the special instructions of President Maithripala Sirisena in 2016 to provide a solution for a problem faced by the Mahaweli settlers for a long period of time.

Under this programme, one hundred thousand land deeds have been presented to the Mahaweli settlers. Meanwhile it is scheduled to present another 40,000 deeds, grant title, and lease certificates, within the year of 2018.

According to the Land Commissioner General’s Department, Mahaweli “B”,”C” and “H” zones as well as Moragahkanda, Victoria, Huruluwewa, and Walawe settlers have received one hundred thousand title deeds already. Under this programme, 12,573 government entities including schools, hospitals, police stations, have also received titles.

Further, 22 Buddhist temples of Mahaweli “B” and “C” and Rambakanoya Zones will be offered freehold titles. At tomorrow’s event, 50 government offices as well as 12,000 citizens will receive land deeds will take place.

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