New Gen. Sec. Promises To Revive SLFP

New Gen. Sec. Promises To Revive SLFP

The newly appointed General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, Prof. Rohana Lakshman Piyadasa says that he will start finding solutions to the present crisis of the SLFP within a short period of time.

The newly appointed General Secretary said this after assuming duties at the SLFP headquarters in Darley Road, Colombo this morning (Jun 04).

He further said that the party should follow a programme that has the potential to unite all factions under the leadership of the President.

Meanwhile, former SLFP General Secretary, Duminda Dissanayake, who was appointed as the National Organizer of the party also assumed duties this morning.

Addressing the gathering at the party headquarters, he said that personal agendas should be put aside, and they should march forward under a new vision.

A group of temporary office bearers was appointed at the SLFP CC & All Island Committee meetings held at Ape Gama, yesterday.

These appointments are to be in place until a full restructure is carried out within 45 days.

Meanwhile, an SLFP CC meeting is scheduled for this Thursday to discuss proposals submitted to ratify those appointments.

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