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President calls for stern action against ragging

President Maithripala Sirisena says the law to issue stern punishments will be implemented in future against those engaging in ragging incidents through the proper implementation of the Prohibition of Ragging Act.

The President said ragging will not be permitted within universities claiming it destroys the future of students.

Speaking at a ceremony at the National Vocational Training Authority, the President said according to statistics the number of students entering universities is relatively low in comparison to the numbers selected to universities.

The Head of State noted around 25 students have died over the past 25 years due to ragging incidents claiming thousands of students suffer both physically and mentally.

The President emphasized that due to the cruel activities of a small number, the lives of a majority of students are destroyed.

Speaking on the importance of safeguarding the quality of school education, President Sirisena said in some instances education professionals are unprepared for reforms that should be implemented in the field of education.

The President emphasized the importance of being up to date with modern technology changing traditional views regarding vocational education.

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