Rajagiriya Flyover length wasn’t reduced- Harsha

Rajagiriya Flyover length wasn’t reduced- Harsha

Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha De Silva has denied claims that the Rajagiriya flyover was declared open prior to the upcoming Local Government Election, by reducing the length of the flyover.

Issuing a statement on his official Facebook page the Deputy Minister said the flyover has been completed according to plan claiming the funds spent on the flyover was reduced.

The Deputy Minister noted according to the “as built” drawing of the flyover it says the total length is 534m and not even 1m of it was reduced adding the only thing that has reduced is the price.

Deputy Minister De Silva added when the project commenced it was 63 million Euros in January 2014 but when the project was renegotiated in February 2015 the final price agreed on was 53.7 million Euros.

The Deputy Minister stated according to calculations as a percentage 15.5% is saved.

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